A blog that should be more active…

A blog that should be more active…

Up until now, the blog part of the website has been completely neglected… This is mostly due to the fact we couldn’t decide on how to announce new uploads, considering about 50% of our projects are hentai. But there’s probably not much point worrying about it, and we should just announce any new uploads, regardless of whether it’s non-H or H (as we do it on our Discord channel already since some time ago). Maybe without the cover though, if it’s NSFW.

We’ve done lots of new projects lately – and hopefully this will continue the same way in the future too! – all of which would deserve an announcement, but there’s probably no real point announcing them now.
But to sum up what happened the past months, we got Yuri Fairy back on track after a hiatus, did a marathon of Arisu Kazumi-sensei’s onee x shota doujins to celebrate the author’s birthday, picked up some new non-H projects as well, and hit the milestone of our 25th hentai doujin upload (now we have one more though so 26 H doujins in total).
We also set up a Ko-Fi too, so now we can accept donations. If you feel like it, please consider supporting us, it could help with aquiring raws, and other things such as upgrading our website.

And as something new to announce, now we have a logo too besides the T icon.
Cure drew this adorable chibi Audino gijinka for us.

Well, I think that’s all for this blog post, but expect some new ones soon, about new uploads~!

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