This is the section for non-hentai manga, anthologies, oneshots and doujins scanlated by us.

Androgynous-chan and the Onee-san

androgynous x onee-san comedy manga by Tsumiki Tsuki.

Mage x Warrior

short futa x male comedy by Rin Jiro.

Collab with Danke fürs Lesen.

A Girl Who Likes to Finish Quickly, and A Girl Who Likes to Take Things Nice and Slow

short yuri smut by Furatsu.

Collab with Danke fürs Lesen.

Summer Memories

Nico x Maki Love Live non-H doujin, by Udon.

Commissioned by Anonymous.


Nico x Maki Love Live non-H doujin, by Senyuu (Tatakai no Kiseki).

Commissioned by Anonymous.

A manga about an anthropomorphic spider and butterfly

drama romance manga by os_freasa.

Niconico, the Magician

Nico x Maki Love Live non-H doujin, by Ayami Chiha & If (Hirouguma).

Commissioned by Anonymous.

How can I hide this drowning love?

Nico x Maki Love Live drama smut doujin, by Yuuki & Gai (LIMIT)

Commissioned by Anonymous.

Secret Gyaru x Shota Couple

onee x shota ecchi/smut romance manga by Endo

It turns hentai in the later chapters.

From now on, all flirting is banned!!

Nico x Maki Love Live non-H doujin, by Kura (Daisan-keitai)

Commissioned by Anonymous.

Nishikino-san of the Yazawa household

Nico x Maki Love Live non-H doujin, by Puz (Yaki MILK).

Commissioned by Anonymous.

My Romeo

Nozo x Eli Love Live non-H doujin, from Takano Saq (Waterfall).

Commissioned by Anonymous.

The Corporate slave OL and the demon shota

Onee x shota comedy manga by Shirano Akihiro.

The shota who wants to buy a naughty magazine, and the onee-san who wants to sell him one

Onee x shota comedy oneshot by Unpooko

The hero, the priestess, and the strongest armor

Onee x shota rom-com oneshot by Narumi Amiya.

Onii x shota – Sensei, teach me!

Onii x shota, student x teacher smut yaoi oneshot by Sekai.

Peaceful Yuri Manga

Yuri rom-com manga by Chihuri

The wholesome boy and the succubus

Ecchi rom-com oneshot by Narumi Amiya

Nei and Souta’s Petite Manga

Ecchi rom-com manga by os_fresa

The Female Hero and the Shota Orc

Ecchi rom-com manga by Saisou

After Rein-carnation, My Party Was Full Of Boys, But I’m Not A Shotacon!

Ecchi comedy yaoi manga by Marui Shiro

Kanaete Yuri Yousei!

Yuri manga by Minamoto Hisanari

Golden tips & Silver tips

Yuri manga by Fujieda Miyabi

GraBuro! – Let’s play granblue-

Granblue Fantasy doujin anthology by Fujieda Miyabi, Minamoto Hisanari and others

Yuridori Midori

Yuri oneshot anthology, by Minamoto Hisanari